Manchester continues to be one of the leaders in the property investment market in the UK.

In 2017, house prices grew over 10% – and this growth shows no sign of stopping. Benefiting from the recent £1bn government funded Northern Powerhouse initiative, Manchester is attracting students, investors and people from all over the world with its vibrant, modern and diverse culture.

The average price of a two bed apartment is currently sitting at a healthy £250,000, which is an increase of 8.7% over 2017. The heart of the city has attracted 70,000 people who are enjoying the pleasures Manchester has to offer. Compared to 10,000 back in 2000, the growth and city centre demand is plain to see.

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of Manchester? Music, tv and football have made the city come alive in recent years, and the growth of the universities has made the city a hotspot for students with over 85,000 flocking to the four available campuses. Students are also choosing to stay in the city post university making Manchester the 2nd highest city (after London) for retention rates and 6/10 Manchester born students who move away for university returning home after graduation.

Alongside the students, businesses are following suit and relocating to Manchester and HS2 has played a major part. London to Manchester in 2 hours is now a quicker journey than travelling across London itself. With its major airport and transport links, you can see why companies choose to base themselves in Manchester. This has had a huge affect on the population rise in Manchester and has opened the door to investors who can now either manage their own properties or source a management company.

I am currently looking for great property deals for my investor clients who have taken advantage of our ‘source to order’ service. If you would like to know more, or you are an investor or a landlord looking to sell, feel free to drop me a message!

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